“I wish sometimes

If I could turn back time

I would go back there

When I stopped doing the crime

I would wrench away the source

From my stubborn hands

I Would let the sin unfold

In utter grand prime

I wish sometimes

If I could forget something

I would choose the promises

That I made in my mind

I would empty the burdens

From my heart and soul

I would run to you

With my arms stretched wide

I wish sometimes

If I can live one day

The way that I want

I would choose your company

For the entire time

I would talk to you so much

And hold your hand

As if we’re bind

As if we’re bind

I wish sometimes”


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“Everyone asks me

‘why am I cold?’

Everyone mocks me

for I am not bold,

now let me gather my courage,

Be patient!

do listen carefully,

you wont again be told.

who am I? what am I ?

Why am I? Oh why am I?

You chained my feet,

and taped my hands

yet called me a coward,

for I could not stand

you grabbed my hair,

and dragged me through the city

I called out for help,

but oh- you had no pity

you seized my throat,

I thought death was near

I had almost quit,

but God helped me bear

now I know it clear

there is no one trustworthy,

neither betrayer

everyone is selfish,

everyone is clear,

In everyone’s a God,

In everyone a prayer,

Always remain loyal, my friend

and remember

Afterlife is near.”


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“Tilting my head, I see the beauty Again

The Crescent white moon, the treasure of the lane

My head starts spinning and I feel dizzy

Still staring at the moon, am I gone crazy?

Then suddenly out of Nowhere, there comes a cloud

Blocking my vision and leaving me pout

The moon is gone but I’m not really sad

For there’s always a day after every nights shade”


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“The short moment of time I spent

With you, my love, I still remember

The talk I did, the hand I held

With you, my love, I still remember

The time then came when ‘US’ faltered,

You left me alone with my heart shattered,

I felt like my soul was being daggered,

But you didn’t look back like I never mattered,

The times I cried the pain I felt

With you my love I still remember.”


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“I know,

we can’t be together

we are apart forever

I won’t see you often

Our fates have nothing in common

I know,

it’s just a dream

A false hope’s beam

you and me together

a dream that’s forever

I know,

you will find someone great

along with a happy fate

may she love you till death

till her last living breath

I know,

we will be strangers

with entirely different centres

maybe we’ll meet someday

Just nod and walk away

I know,

I Would Still Be Alone

a heap of pictures in my phone

looking at them clearly

I know, I know,

I would still love you dearly.”


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“Today is the day when I will go away

Towards my beloved where I shall stay

in His holy presence, I must feel calm

From His holy aura, I shall gain some charm

I will dance merrily upon his arrival

I will remain entrance for my very survival

He would sing me songs of people who loved

I might get drenched in tears for my Beloved

He would wipe my tears and hug me close

In that moment

I will know

I am no far from Him

‘He’ is ‘I’ and ‘I’ am ‘He’

‘He is thy soul’ says a voice to me.


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